Computing the modulus from very large numbers

… and what of this all has to do with IBAN numbers.

The modulus is the remainder of a division of two integers*. Suppose you divide 12 by 4, the result is 3. But divide 11 by 4, and the result is 2.75. This could also be expressed by saying that 11/4 is 2 with a remainder of 3. Computing that 3 is the work of the modulo operator, which in T-SQL is represented by the % operator.

Let’s explore how to compute the modulus of large numbers in SQL Server, and how this is useful in the real world.

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Basic reconciliation skills

You will often encounter situations where you have to reconcile two sets of data – are they the same, and if not, what differences are there? This can be because you re-wrote a piece of code and you want to verify that it still does the same job, or it can be a straight-forward comparison of two data sources. In this article, we’ll look through some useful methods and functions to compare data in SQL Server.

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