Please don’t feed auditors and lawyers


Remember that time when you accidentally truncated a table in production? Or when you forgot the WHERE clause in your UPDATE statement? You’re not really a seasoned professional if you haven’t. There’s even a very apt name for that moment in time when the realization hits you: The oh-no second.

But what if there was some type of control to prevent this from happening? Like more restrictive controls, perhaps some type of peer-review process before you clicked “go”? Or even…

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Neat T-SQL tool on the web!

Want to try something in SQL Server, but don’t have a server handy where you are? Check out SQL Fiddle – it’s a kind of web scratch pad for SQL code (not just SQL Server, by the way, lots of other platforms).

This is truly a beautiful tool with separate entry panes for schema and DML statements, as well as the possibility to view or download query plans for each query. And when you’re done editing, you can copy a URL and post on online forums, in e-mails, etc, so other people can run and test your code.