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The T-SQL reference documentation app for Slack is my first stab att writing my own app for Slack. If you haven’t used Slack, check it out. One of the reasons it’s so great is the relative ease with which you can write your own bots and apps.

A “slash command” is, just like it sounds, a plugin that you can call by using a command prefixed with a slash. Here’s a screenshot of the /tsql app:

Slack screenshot


This app is free. And I’m not a professional software developer. As such, the app may contain flaws or errors, and no warranty, express or implied is given.

The examples from the documentation are taken from the MSDN T-SQL Reference site and is current as of June 2016 October 2017, i.e. SQL Server 2017. I think/hope this use is within reasonable “fair use” boundaries.

Privacy policy

Like anybody, I’m curious how many people are using this app, and how. This means that I collect a running log of basic information, such as the date, time, SQL command and hashed IDs of the channel, team and user ID.

I don’t share logs or usage information with anyone else, no matter what.

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