A week later: thoughts on the 2016 PASS Summit

PASS Summit 2016

This year’s PASS Summit in Seattle, WA, was so much better to me than last year’s, not least because I took to heart the important things I missed last year – like networking, like attending sessions outside my comfort zone, like investing in pre-conference sessions.

In the end, I met a lot of great people, shook a lot of hands, learned tons of new stuff and got a number of interesting ideas that will doubtlessly shape my professional (and to some extent personal) future. Some of those connections may at some point even evolve to become business opportunities or speaking engagements. Among all the great sessions, I was eagerly scribbling notes at Brent Ozar’s “500-Level Career Internals” half-day session (shorter preview version from 24HoP here).

Anyway, this post doesn’t really do justice to the magic. One that does is Alexander Arvidsson’s excellent blog post. Thanks for the #sqlfamily wristband, Alexander!

I’m going back in 2017. Count on it.

2 thoughts on “A week later: thoughts on the 2016 PASS Summit

    • The pleasure was all mine. Your session (and breakfast!) had a profound impact on me, and I’ve already started making changes to my goals and plans for my business. Watch this space. ;)

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