Rebuilding a transaction log file

The database’s transaction log file contains, like the name implies, a log of all the transactions happening in the database. If you’ve set your database to the “simple” recovery model, the log is truncated (emptied) at every checkpoint (more or less all the time). In “bulk logged” or “full” recovery model, you’ll have to truncate the log files yourself, by performing a transaction log backup.

So because of this, the log file has to stay in sync with the rest of the database at all times. But what do you do if your log file is lost or corrupted? Luckily, there’s a simple way to recover it.

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Shrinking tempdb without restarting SQL Server

Ok, so even if you’re a seasoned veteran T-SQL coder, at some time you will write a query that runs away and supersizes the tempdb database. This, in turn, might fill up your disk and cause other server-related problems for you. At that point, you may find out the hard way that shrinking tempdb isn’t like shrinking any other database.

Here are some tricks that I’ve tried successfully – but bear in mind that your mileage may vary.

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