Links and utilities

Here are some of the most useful SQL Server-related links and utilities I’ve found on the Interwebs, in no particular order:

Structured Concepts (

Docs and reference

SQL Server scripts

SQL Server tools

  • SQL Server Management Studio: latest stand-alone version of SSMS.
  • SQL Query Stress allows you to run multiple, concurrent queries on a server.
  • Azure Data Studio: the artist formerly known as SQL Operations Studio – is the new, open-source, cross-platform SQL Server management tool.
  • turns the text output from SET STATISTICS into readable, sortable tables.
  • allows you to copy/paste the query plan XML and share it with other people
  • SentryOne Plan Explorer: powerful tool to analyze execution plans in SSMS and ADS

System tools

  • Sysinternals is a set of Windows utilities built and maintained by Mark Russinovich


  • Installing PowerShell on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • dbatools: The industry-standard PowerShell management tools for SQL Server

Docker, Kubernetes

  • Lens, an IDE for working with Kubernetes



  • SQL Saturday: SQL Saturday is back after the demise of PASS
  • Data Saturdays: the independent data community initiative for free, one-day Saturday conferences
  • Group By: online data platform conference
  • SQL Friday: weekly lunch-and-learn event
  • Data Weekender: a popup online data platform conference


  • Curated SQL (blog, twitter)
  • Call for Data Speakers (web, twitter, rss) – subscribe to, or send, calls for speakers for upcoming data platform events